Some Previously Published Work

from Rattle: “How I Am Like Donald Trump” and “Togetherness In the Age of Terror

from B O D Y: “Boat

from [PANK]: “Interview With a Witness, All Parts Played by Yourself

from DIALOGIST: “A Full Stop Being Too Nearly Divine

from OSU: The Journal: “To the Woman in a Plague Mask Outside the Living Room Window

from The American Journal of Poetry: “Mother” and “Soldier“; “Crank

from Anti-Heroin Chic: “Curvature Being A Measure Of Cruelty,” “The Best Measure of Afterlife Being Time,” “Physical Sight Being Unnecessary for Love,” “Your Free Will Being My Biggest Fear,” and “Having Dragged Myself To This Solitude

from Writers Resist: “How I Am Not Like Hillary Clinton” and “History

from Wicked Alice: “In the Barn,” “A Stern Talking-To,” and “The Reappearance


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